हम मांग करते हैं कि दुनिया भर के सरकारी नेता दुनिया भर की सड़कों पर लोगों की जिंदगी बचाने के लिए लोगों को प्राथमिकता देने के लिए और अधिनियम लगाने के लिए प्रतिबद्ध हो


    "Shoes of young and old commingle, shoes of many countries and countless broken dreams".Road Crash Victims are paid a moment of silence and a pile of shoes representing the 3,700 lives lost on the world’s roads every year was featured during 3rd Global Ministerial Conference on Road safety in Stockholm Sweden 19-20 February 2020 . Minister-led delegations from more than 80 countries. The aim is to reach global consensus on guidelines for continued international collaboration on road safety up to 2030.The “Stockholm Declaration”, was presented by the Swedish Minister for Infrastructure, Mr. Tomas Eneroth, as the outcome document of the Conference.

    Do YOU KNOW?

    Golden hour Platinum Minutes

    It is well acknowledged that at least 50 percent of  the fatalities can be averted if victims can reach a hospital within the shortest possible time.

    Zebra Crossings

    is not a safest place to cross the road but a designated place to cross the road.

    Slow Down

    A cut of 5% in average speed can result 30% reduction in the number of fatal crashes.

    Making Post Crash Care Response More Affordable, Available And Accessible 

    Preventing Road Traffic injuries from occurring should be the main goal to be pursued, but the reality is that crashes continue to occur. Society therefore has to be prepared to mitigate the consequences of crashes and enhance the quality of life of people who are injured.

    Safe Mobility Safer Cities

    "Mobility is about getting people to where they want to go, efficiently,conveniently, and safely."

    The sustainable & cities do not believe to solve mobility & issues by building more roads or widening the roads but by building high quality facilities for public transport and Non Motorized transport. Click Here.

    Safe Schools Secure Journeys

    "The design of roads can have a considerable impact on their safety".

    Everyday 25 children are dying on the roads in India.Each death and each injury violates a child’s right to an education.We can’t allow these tragedies to continue. Join Us.

    Justice for Road Victims

    "More must be done, not just to prevent crashes, but also to deliver justice and mitigate the suffering of victims."

    Our loved ones were not lost. We know where they are. They were killed on the road, too often by law-breaking drivers. IRVP.